How do I choose a headshot photographer?

There are a lot of us out there, and sometimes it may seem overwhelming to make a choice.  While looking through the headshot photographer's work,  in addition to checking out the prerequisites like lighting and hair/make-up, ask yourself these questions about the people in the photos: Do they look artificially "posed" or do they look natural?  Do they have the "deer-in-the-headlights" expression or can you get a sense of their individual energy?  Are they "trying too hard" to BE something; sexy, tough, goofy, etc., or do you believe that the photographer has captured a natural moment?  Also, if you don't find the quality consistent, that should be a red flag.

If you really, really like the photos, you might want to schedule either an in-person consultation or a phone call to ask specific questions, and to feel out the dynamic between the two of you.  In that conversation, you might also discuss your "type" and possible clothing options for your potential headshot session.


I hate having my picture taken.  How will you get me to relax?

The good news is that you don't need to be mellow and relaxed in order to get good headshots.  As long as you're willing to trust the process, and let yourself be in the moment, I can help you harness your nervous energy into productive and expressive energy.  I have a ton of experience in front of the camera, as well (having had my own headshots taken many, many times), so I know what you're going through.  Whether you need a business headshot for LinkedIn, or an acting headshot for auditions, we will capture genuine, confident moments that look like you on your best day.  And we'll have fun, too! 


How should I prepare for a shoot?

The most important thing you can do to help ensure a successful headshot session is to arrive (and work to remain) present in the moment.  We will find real, natural moments together.  Just use common sense - get some sleep, eat breakfast, arrive on time.  And be open to the idea that it might be fun!


How long does a shoot last?

We shoot each look until we get what we need - there's no time limit.  Usually, though, we get much more than we need within 2 to 3 hours (plus make-up), depending on which package you choose.


Should I book your make-up artist?  Even if I'm a man?

Yes, absolutely!  She is amazing, great with hair and a fabulous stylist, as well.  Don't worry, men, you won't look like you have make-up on.  Almost every single person (male and female) in the headshot sections of this website used my make-up artist. 


Where are you located?

My studio is at 137th St. & Riverside Drive, 1/2 block from the #1 train, and 1 block from the Hudson River.  It has 3 windows and studio lights.  But I love shooting outside all year long, both in my private outdoor space behind my studio, and on the street.  I live in Millburn, NJ, so we could also arrange a shoot there.


Will we shoot indoors or outdoors?

Up to you!  We can divide the shoot between my studio and outdoors.  There are a ton of great locations in the neighborhood!  


What will we do if it rains?

We won't shoot if its raining (unless you know you only want studio shots), but we likely won't cancel until the night before or the morning of.  I've been misled too many times by the 3-day forecast to put much stock in it.


What should I wear?

It's a good idea to bring more options (mostly tops) than you think you need.  So if we are planning on shooting 3 looks, I would bring around 8 different options, and we will choose our favorites.  Everything should fit well.  Avoid bulky clothes, crazy patterns, and logos.  Whites and blacks, along with bright, bold colors can be great, as well as deeper tones. Also, try to choose options that bring out your eyes, if possible.  Bring a variety of options from casual to more upscale,  keeping in mind that layering can be really nice.  If you are working with an agent, ask them if they have any specific clothing requests for you.  And give me a call at some point before our shoot so that we can go over the different kinds of things that you will be bringing.

Please arrive with no make-up on, but with your hair audition-ready, and the make-up artist will work with it from there.  Try to iron your clothes first, but I have a steamer if needed.


How quickly will I get my photos, and in what format?

Within 3 days after your shoot (overnight delivery available for an additional fee), I will send you the photos in two different ways:

1.  I recommend that you use Reproductions for your retouching and multiple copies.  I will send them a copy of the shoot, and they will create a very user-friendly online gallery with the images from your shoot.  You can view all of the headshots, and organize your favorites online, and order everything through their website (or in-person, if you'd prefer, at their midtown location on 9th Ave. at the iconic Film Center Building).

2. I will send you a Dropbox link, which you can use to download all of the high-resolution images, so that you can have everything for your files.


Where should I go for retouching and printing my headshots?

Reproductions.  All of my retouching is done by Reproductions, and all packages include retouching.  


Will you help me choose which headshot to use?  How much extra does that cost?

Definitely!  No charge.  I consider it part of the entire package.


Where can I read some testimonials from your clients?

Right here -