My shoot with Batman

Recently, I visited my mother in Philadelphia, and although I am very grateful to her for continuing to store my extensive childhood comic book collection (my extensive collection from my adult years currently lives in a storage unit in New Jersey until such time as my family's square footage increases to a more accommodating level), I was concerned by the way she had stacked them - the surface was not entirely flat.  Though I tried to remain in a space of gratitude, I was actually freaking out about the potential damage to those delicate pages.

Although Spider-Man was originally my favorite hero, I always related to Batman's dark, brooding energy - his emotional wounds not so much healed, but rather enveloped in a cocoon of scar tissue, leaving him alienated from those who wish to become close to him, but also providing him with the emotional distance to excel at his job.  Plus, he has such cool gadgets.

Realizing I was spending too much money on comic books, a couple of years ago I quit cold-turkey, since then obtaining my super-hero fixes from movies and television.  Imagine my delight, then, when none other than Kevin Conroy, the long-time voice of Batman, called me to arrange a headshot session. 

Kevin started voicing Bruce Wayne / Batman in 1992 on Batman: The Animated Series, and has continued for the last 23 years.  He was the first person in animation to use two different voices to portray Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Kevin and I discussed many Batman-related topics that day, including DC's controversial 1988 decision to hold a telephone poll of fans to determine whether the Joker should kill Jason Todd (the 2nd Robin).  The fans decided by a vote of 5,343 to 5,271 that, in fact, yes, they would like the Joker to kill him.  Jason's apparent death (he was resurrected in 2005) caused Batman tremendous guilt over the years, and I was curious to get Kevin's thoughts on the matter.

Kevin is a really nice guy, and our shoot was very collaborative regarding clothing and backgrounds.  We did some shots out on the street, and some on my studio's rooftop, just inside the doorway.  The impetus for his headshot update was his upcoming appearance at the Magic City Comic Con in Miami, which coincidentally starts today.

I chose a darker, more serious shot for my website (top), while Kevin went for a bit more warmth with his choice (bottom).

Can't wait until my next shoot with him.  This comic-deprived Batman fan has more to discuss!